Honestly now, WHAT’s your HURRY? ..you’re here, in BAHAMAS !!!

We do not have snow in winter (with rare exceptions). Sometimes it’s raining but still the weather is pretty warm with more dramatic sky and beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean coast. But especially in winter’ evenings there’s some charm to take a cup of big cappuccino with cinnamon, plunge comfortably into the lovely sofa and reminisce about great travelings 🙂

Today it’s all about Bahamas, tiny islands of Exuma Cays, where we had so much fun after our wedding 🙂

p-3451 opt-3863 p-4714 p-4631pp-4698 p-3508

…we’re sitting on the terrace of our cottage, breathing in all the scents and sounds from Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea that surround our little island only in ten meters from both sides. Tiny islands of Exuma Cays are the heart of pristine aquamarine waters and rare pink sand, natural oasis for funny inhabitants like wild swimming pigs,giant lizards and sharks-for-any-taste-and-fear :)…

p-4389 p-4326

We were met warmly by Aida – amiable local hostess of our honeymoon cottage. She treated us kindly with freshly baked coconut bread and garden flowers every morning, provided us with comfortable electromobile (without extra charge!) and cheap new private boat for full-day-discovery. Everything was done to make our staying unforgettable and superb! Thank you, Bahamas! 🙂

p-3782 p-3909 p-4410p-4251 p-3976

Do you see the difference between Atlantic Ocean (pictures above) and Caribbean Sea (below)?!

IMG_3445 p-3842p-4452 p-4332 p-4079 p-4351 p-3489 p-3963 p-4353 p-4715 p-4148 p-3458 pp-3446 opt2-3868p-4460 p-3536 p-3455 p-3655

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