Motivation and Peru :)

Sometimes you feel an overall need to embarrass yourself for an action,
make the motivation work on you, release a great portion of energy into the Universe.
For what?
Maybe to prove you could more than merely sitting and watching TV or investigating
familiar wall in front; maybe to escape from the routine, learn better yourself and your
hidden talents and skills, expand your horizons and start thinking “out of the box”
as one like to say 🙂
Finally, you could learn Spanish, try Mexican cuisine, don’t care about your look and fun accent
in other country, swoon like a child gazing on mountains from the bird’s-eye view…
This story is about travel which motivated us to try our endurance and strength,
overcome any language barrier after having taken Spanish lessons, keep up with new friends and discover a few more bright stars on the night horizon.
Dear friends, here’s the most encouraging country in the South America – Peru!

p-7704 p-7629 p-8534 p-7567  p-7497 p-8179 p-7684 pp-7571 p-7727 p-8767 p-7370 p-8336 p-7583  p-7788 p-7709 p-7979 p-8233 p-8649 p-8794 p-8368 p-8127 p-7729 p-7821 p-8381  pp-8645 p-8734 p-8282 p-7638

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