Pura Vida. Costa Rica and Panama. Central America

Poas p-11

Four years ago we started to plan our first long adventure to feed our overwhelming wanderlust. Since then this beast (I mean wanderlust) is only expanding and wrapping us up into its impressive and infinite power.

The very first destination had been chosen thoroughly in a very ultimate way – as my Google search string said : “travel to the most beautiful country in the world”.
We couldn’t even anticipate into what an amazing pure paradise we would plunge a few months later. Costa Rica (“Rich Coast”) in Central America, the place that had us in awe constantly, from incredible spectacular views, thrilling attractions, vibrant nature, emerald waters of two oceans(!) to adrenalin rush while sliding down like superman from hills or escaping from ‘beautifuly painted’ crocodiles in the small boat down the river. Uhhh!

DSC01077_arre DSC03187 DSC03200 DSC02777

Even the most sophisticated eyes couldn’t help but adore long strips of gold\black\white sand beaches, tender morning Toucans’ songs and crystal rainforest air. After years of traveling around the world our hearts are always there: Costa Rica holds firmly its first place among others. It’s all about country that cannot be captured or described but instead need to be experienced once in a lifetime.

Whether being in mountains near recently erupted volcanoes, or riding on horses along the ocean, climbing in canyons, making rafting or flying upside down in the middle of the lush forest, you will enjoy every single moment there, from dawn till dark :).

By the way, don’t forget to dance salsa with locals at night and indulge your body and soul, relaxing and literally melting in hot mineral springs near volcano Arenal, sipping ‘Mona Loca’ coctail right in your pool 😉

Don’t hesitate to experience your own Pura Vida in Costa Rica or feel absolute Tranquillo in Panama, Bocas del Toro Islands (about 30 minutes flight from Panama-City)!

Here’re our fond memories about Costa Rica and Panama (Archipelago Bocas del Toro) :).

DSC03303 p-2 Peresozo p-9 DSC03272 DSC02738  DSC03247 Toshiba Digital Camera p-7 DSC00490 DSC03147 DSC03132 DSC03137 DSC03312a maxell Digital Camera maxell Digital Camera DSC03486 DSC02706 DSC02756 DSC02597 DSC03286 p-4

p-8 DSC03496 DSC02654 DSC02519

Archipelago Bocas del Toro (Panama) welcomed us with pure ‘tranquillo’  🙂

DSC03657 DSC03891 DSC03656 DSC03667 p-5 p-6 DSC03717 DSC03706 DSC03893 DSC03923 DSC03698 DSC03927

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