Japan. Osaka. Yoshino Park

We continued traveling in Japan. Our second destination was Osaka – one of the largest cities in Japan, but often is missed by visitors being in the shadow of its famous competitors – Tokyo and Kyoto.
Osaka’ highlights and attractions are evident for us to have this spot on our travel route.
Convenient subway lines and close proximity to other points of interest like Kyoto, Nara or Yoshino park, vibrant and colorful streets’ night life, twice bigger raw fish portions and less prices in Japanese restaurants\bars, countless shopping, romantic parks with ancient temples and cherry blossom trees, and if you were lucky – fun experience in typical ‘love’ hotel including night show lighting with music, jacuzzi and massage armchair inside your apartment (to be honest, the only hotel option that we had while booking hotels in Osaka-Kyoto region only one week prior to our visit in Japan (remember, the Sakura season is always on high demand and almost all hotels are fully booked for these dates).

First day in Osaka we walked in beautiful and famous Osaka Castle Park.

p-98 p-91 p-79 p-75 p-69 p-74 p-72 p-78 p-68 p-80 p-77

Our new friends – pigeons, a lot of pigeons 🙂 Try to find something unusual on the pictures with me 🙂

p-83 p-90 p-87 p-85

This boy likes animals so much – and Shiva responded to him with tenderness 🙂

p-92 p-95 p-96 p-176

Osaka’ proximity to main historical highlights and national parks in Kansai region (that includes Kyoto, Osaka, Nara prefectures) led us by JR line to Yoshino Park – the most beautiful and breathtaking place in Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms (Japanese call it – hanami – flower viewing). Park is opened for visitors till 4 p.m and it takes about two hours to get there by train ( JR line for JR Pass holders or private Kintetsu express) from Osaka.

p-103 p-100

No more words, only hanami 🙂

p-113 p-114 p-119 p-111 p-122 p-108 p-109 p-112 p-116 p-120 p-121 p-125

Japanese tea drinking on the open terrace with the stunning cherry blossoms views and beloved man next to me – these cherished moments I want to freeze and relive again and again 🙂

p-105 p-118 p-124 p-123

See you next time in Kyoto, Japan!

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