Charm of south: Antibes, Cannes and Nice|French Riviera|April 2014

What one could ask for a better vacation somewhere near the sea coast than walking through a narrow paved streets with attractive shop-windows of colorful festive stuff, smelling delicious and newly discovered aromas of freshly-baked baguettes, grilled fish or cold carpaccio, fried coffee or mouth-watering berry sorbet that urging stomach to sing in response  🙂 ?

My ideal cozy day in south of France starts with early breakfast organized at the small balcony with the open view on awakening old town, long walks with afternoon plunging into the turquoise sea, local late brunch with friends and walks again till we find ourselves chasing the golden light of the setting sun.

Here’re our travel memories from Antibes, Cannes and a pinch of Nice.

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