Sneak-Peak of our journey to ICELAND

We just came back from our dream journey to Iceland – the remote island in Atlantic ocean which is so close to Greenland and familiar to many from the “Game of Thrones” saga as Land of Ice and Fire.

Meanwhile I’m sorting tons of pictures of this beautiful and inspiring island I feel impatience to share some sneak-peak of our recent adventure! The detailed story will be published soon here! Stay tuned 😉

IMG_0569 IMG_0100 IMG_0272 IMG_0188 IMG_0133 IMG_0388 IMG_0533 IMG_0538 IMG_0567 IMG_0555 IMG_0568 IMG_0532 IMG_0412 IMG_0411 IMG_0552 IMG_0187 IMG_0284 IMG_0409 IMG_0527 IMG_0556 IMG_0389 IMG_0361IMG_0527 IMG_0387 IMG_0134 IMG_0410 IMG_0285 IMG_0570

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