Japan. Untold. April 2015

Hi there, I can finally accomplish my travel saga about Japan. Since the time has passed from our last visit to this truly magic country, I feel nostalgic, and desire to return there once again is growing in my mind :).

Thankfully, the ability to dream about and hope is in our human nature, and this is the sweetest thing that gives us power, inspiration and joy in everyday life. So I believe we’ll return there, in Japan, once.

Below I reveal some bright and untold moments from Japan that shouldn’t be ignored and covered “by dust” in my archives.


Our visit to ancient Nara town near Kyoto (about 40 min by JR train) hadn’t been spoiled even by heavy rain. The cutest place with dozens of local deers !


Gastronomic tour to the local fish market and authentic places like this:


p-86 p-89


During our walk in Roppongi district of  Tokyo Jenia had been interviewed by the group of young reporters, while I was the only operator there 🙂 Nice experience I should say 😉

p-88 p-87

Oh that Sakura’ love forever :




Arashiyama  park  not far away from Kyoto and its mystic and emotional spirits of time…



Last nights in Tokyo:

p-91 p-99

Thank you for watching and let all of Us have so many new great adventures and miracles as we desire with the upcoming new year!










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