Iceland. Blue Lagoon. September 2015


Actually, we planned our Icelandic trip a few years earlier considering April or September as two months in which weather is not already (or yet) so cruel and cold to  explore highlands and maybe observe (chances were not bad ) the Northern lights (called also Aurora Borealis).

Our itinerary had been started from Blue Lagoon – amazing and famous place situated in the picturesque valley of geysers with large pools of hot waters naturally enriched with minerals and silica. The place itself is constructed as touristic center and all pools are artificial while the water is natural and so pleasantly warm, oily and revitalizing.


We bought 2 tickets for full day entrance which also included towels and swimsuit for me and enjoyed world’s most unique and beautiful natural spa under the sky, surrounded by hills and steams of geysers. Imagine yourself standing in very warm aquamarine water, chilling wind is blowing into your face, wet drops of rain are falling on your head, but you don’t care: your whole body is already melting and warming up from shoulders to toes, you’re sipping fruit shake or beer (yes, the bar is over here, in the water!), relaxing and breathing in fresh Icelandic air all the day!




P.S. Weather in Iceland is absolutely unpredictable and changes dramatically every hour, so planing the day and therefore the whole trip is rather challenging affair 🙂 I mentioned above about the Northern Lights and should say that we were not lucky to witness the Northern Lights this time (although had been carefully following the Aurora’s forecasts and different smartphone applications on our way, asking people who did see and hunting the Lights at night in remote places) .  We still bear our small dream to see Aurora one day, so the next Icelandic trip is on the schedule 🙂



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